20 Bears

Monday, February 8, 2010


Okay, so apparently this whole "I'm a writer now" thing is much more difficult than previously thought. See, I have this stuffed animal on my bed friend that told me something about words that end in the letters LY. Like, they're not "literary" or something like that. My blunder. So I thought I'd take out the LY words from the rest of the longest and best story ever told except the completeLY necessary ones. Here goes:

I He walked AWESOMELY away from My his rocket. Then his dad started it up, but STUPIDLY enough it didn't work. He blamed me his son like he always did. That's when it happened. The boy realized the only true way to make his father proud was to find the only living dinosaurs left on the Earth. There was only one thing with enough AMAZINGLY great power to FINDLY find dinosaurs. That was 20 bears.

To be continuedly continued.


  1. http://typetees.threadless.com/product/1598/The_dinosaurs_deserved_it